TLM050CD: ERA ONE – Various Artists mixed by Noah Pred


ERA ONE is the first of our Thoughtless Era mix series, with a new edition of selected label works due out every fifty releases. This inaugural installment is the culmination of more than three years of thoughtlessness spanning 293 tracks and remixes, featuring contributions from over 100 artists. The force behind it all is label manager Noah Pred – one of Canada’s most respected underground DJs. Selecting forty-nine of his favorites from the Thoughtless back catalog was no easy task, but that’s what we have on offer here – including gems from the likes of Alland Byallo, Jay Tripwire, Billy Dalessandro, Kate Simko, Falko Brocksieper, Rennie Foster, Jeff Bennett and many more – mixed together by the label boss in a fluid blend of sonic color, along with a brand new exclusive track from Pred himself: ‘Unsung’. Showcasing a wide variety of sounds within the parameters of modern techno and house music, the mix builds from deep excursions to peak-time jams and back again, weaving a fluid tale that stands as both a testament to the Thoughtless sound and a statement of things to come…

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