TLM099: Rennie Foster – Perimeter Abstract

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Featured Artists: Rennie Foster, John Norman, Arthur Oskan

TLM099Vancouver’s Rennie Foster returns to the Thoughtless fold with his first release for us since 2013’s Legionnaire. Opting for a restrained approach on the title track, a throbbing low-end and percussive synths push forward while expansive pads trace the edges of a compelling space that somehow remains temptingly undefined, roving sirens adding to the enigma. Winnipeg’s John Norman follows his releases for KMS with not one but two remix versions, deconstructing Rennie’s rhythms into a propulsive late night jam embellished with fragments of CB radio dialogue – one favoring the sirens of the original for a more hypnotic take, and the other eliminating them entirely. Toronto’s Arthur Oskan handles his remix with typical aplomb, wresting the textures of the original into an analog-fueled narrative that instantly conjures his spiritual hometown of the Motor City. Closing the release in a similarly Detroit-influenced style, Foster’s Legionnaire Deux – a nod to his previous Thoughtless outing – melds chord stabs, strings, and synthetic bass into a blissful oblivion highlighted by dreamlike, sparse, surreal piano riffs that seem just perfectly askew. A veteran producer with decades of experience and releases on international institutions such as Transmat and F-Comm, Rennie understands that while the perimeter is perhaps best left abstract, the core itself is anything but…

FRANÇOIS K: Love the original version. Wonderful build, great atmospheres. Thanks for this!

DEETRON: The original mixes are amazing!


MR. G: Remixes are great.

JOSH WINK: Like the deep original Perimeter Abstract!

DANNY HOWELLS: Awesome package – lead track is just beautiful while the remixes take it into slightly clubbier territory. Thanks!

NICK HÖPPNER: Both Foster originals are dope!

DUBFIRE: Remixes, thanks!!

MARCEL FENGLER: Love it! Will play for sure!

TOMMY FOUR SEVEN: Feeling the original of Perimeter Abstract. Thanks!

MIHAI POPOVICIU: Cool pack! Remixes are nice!

DUSTIN ZAHN: The original version of Perimeter Abstract is where it’s at for me. Cinematic and hypnotic, sitting nicely in the middle ground without being too hard or spaced out.

JOHN OSBORN: Arthur steals the show here. Nailed it.

DARKO ESSER: Perimeter Abstract original is stunning!!

BROTHERS’ VIBE: All good… thanks for the music!

MITJA PRINZ: Perimeter Abstract original = great track!!

ALAN OLDHAM: What else can I say, another hot one from Rennie! Will support!

MY FAVORITE ROBOT: Arthur Oskan’s remix is great. Will play it. Thanks.

OKAIN: I like the John Norman remixes.

MIRO PAJIC: Fine release. Support!

BAIKAL: Original is dope!

TOM CLARK: Good – will play.

ANGEL MOLINA: Original sounds nice, thanks!

STRYKE: Really great stuff here, both original and remixes!

DEREK PLASLAIKO: Perimeter Abstract original for me! Gorgeous! Thank you!

CHRIS FORTIER: Rennie delivers again.

MARQUES WYATT: Support – thanks!

SIMON BEESTON: Another top notch release.


POINTBENDER: Great release!

GARY MARTIN: These are very deep tech-house jams – I can imagine being in Berlin at sun up after hours of dancing.

PAT FONTES: Proper – simply proper!

TYLER STADIUS: Arthur’s is possibly my favourite, though most play likely going to John Norman’s mixes. Legionnaire Deux is a thing of beauty as well. Thanks again!

Photograph by Synaptic Imagery · Mastering by Roofless Creations


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