TLM098: Lock Smith – Settle Down Na

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Featured Artists: Lock Smith, Dave Aju, Auk

TLM098Known to many as one half of both the Mobilee duo Safeword and minimal misfits Coalition of the Killing, Marc Smith finally emerges with his new solo identity here on Thoughtless. Combining analog hardware with mutant sensibilities, Settle Down Na embodies the Lock Smith sound, warm low end propelling a dynamic arrangement highlighted by jazz-inflected synth excursions and a skewed chord progression that meshes perfectly with the bass. Circus Company artist Dave Aju makes his Thoughtless debut with an extended dub that merges noisy percussion and throbbing subs with an organic approach designed to keep things humming at maximum intensity without ever getting stale. Following their stellar Absolution release, Canadian duo Auk show off their deep and dubby side with an impressively executed remix that underscores their versatility in the studio. Space Bucks picks up where the title track leaves off, eerie pads and glistening synths combining for a gleefully queasy romp, while New Sequence wraps things up with a tidy yet sprawling jaunt through spidery arpeggios and extra-wide pads that are carried aloft by a pace-keeping bass and chord combination. Venturing out on his own, Lock Smith makes an auspicious debut that’s likely to inspire more or less anything other than settling down…

DUBFIRE: Nice, thanks!

KiNK: Wow! Settle Down Na (all versions) are just sick! So funky and dynamic! Thanks!

CARLO LIO: LOVING the Aju remix… bomb!

STACEY PULLEN: Cool, thanks!

ART DEPARTMENT: Dave Aju remix is dope!

DAVID DURANGO: Space bucks is the one for me!

BRETT JOHNSON: Settle Down Na and Aju remix are the standouts for me. Really digging this, thanks!

DJ W!LD: Will play Lock Smith – Settle Down Na (Dave Aju Remix).

LEE JONES: Nice one from Mr. Dave Aju.

BUTANE: Dave Aju remix and New Sequence for me.

ESTROE: Settle Down Na original and New Sequence are my favorites of this EP, will try, thanks!

SERGIO SANTOS: Great package!

DAN DRASTIC: Cool EP. Dave Aju’s remix is epic.

SEI A: Auk Remix is nice!

MR. STATIK: Really lovely package here, will definitely play out, thanks!

HRDVSION: Cool shit!

PATRICK ZIGON: Great EP – like all tracks!

ALEJANDRO VIVANCO: Thanks for the great tracks!



BLACK LOOPS: Great pack – thanks!!!

JULIAN SANDRE: Dave Aju remix is great!

POL_ON: Space Bucks is amazing tracks, full support!

QUELL: Nice Dave Aju remix on here, thanks!

DFRNT: Auk remix is cracking – love the deep minimal work. Super nice.

KELLERKIND: Great EP – Dave Aju remix for me, thanks!

GWEN MAZE: Auk remix!!! SERIOUS!!

JOHN DIMAS: Dave Aju remix for me – thanks!!

BAIKAL: Nice package.

HALO VARGA: Dave’s mix is hot.

PAWAS: Great Auk remix… smooth!!!

STRYKE: Great remix by Dave here.

EKKOHAUS: Lovely patchworks and great remix by Dave Aju – thanks!

KINDIMMER: Thanx! Sounds cool.

TANIA VULCANO: Cool, thanks – like it! Dave Aju remix for me.

ALLAND BYALLO: New Sequence is so good! Love that cut. Aju’s mix is the biz too. I like the Auk remix a lot too… vibes!

DEREK MARIN: Need to get into the House? Just call the Lock Smith.

NORMAN WEBBER: Super EP – will play Dave Aju’s mix. Thanks!

MURR: Makes me think of better times.

SIGNAL DELUXE: Nice trippy sounds in here! Will be playing in our upcoming gigs! As always, Thoughtless music in our bags!

MIKE BRYANT: Nice range represented here, from deeper techno to more jacking Chicago/Detroit sounds. Most of these will find their way into the rotation!

KENNETH SCOTT: Killer release by my boy Marc!!! Love all the originals and Aju’s remix is nasty as fuck.

SAMANTA FOX: Killer release all-around! Dave Aju nails that shit like my drunk uncle nails 40-something year old prostitutes. Lock Smith has huge support from the Renate crew.

TYLER STADIUS: Damn, the original throbs with intensity! Nasty but addictive. Auk remix is good too. Subdued and groovy. Thanks again.

POINTBENDER: Great package, quality techno.

MATT XAVIER: I don’t know how you do it but I’m almost always most drawn to the last track on each Thoughtless release. New Sequence, swirling, me like and will play. Original cut is jazzy madness! Aju’s remix is solid. Thank god somebody has implemented a different kick drum. I can see Joel Mull enjoying this fine piece of techno spaciness. Will play Saturday night.

Photograph by Synaptic Imagery · Mastering by Roofless Creations


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