TLM067: Platypus – Soft Spoken Trees

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Featured Artists: Platypus, Roland M. Dill

Making his Thoughtless debut with a remix of Brian Johnson’s All of the Time, enigmatic Ontario producer Platypus delivers his debut EP with Soft Spoken Trees. The title track kicks things off with pure open-air summertime vibes: a vital combination of modern deep house and classic synth work that should fit perfect with the post-disco set. Cologne’s Roland M. Dill is certainly no stranger to hard-hitting remix work, and his version of the original pulls no punches in transforming it into a late-night techno juggernaut. Your Face Reminds Me takes a darker, hypnotic approach, while closing track Southbound to Marion marries evocative metallic melodies and swirling pads with a welcome 2-step influence which maintains a steady pace through ever deepening territory. Engaging arrangements and a harmonic sensibility all too rare in contemporary house music clearly display the value of keeping a unique creature like the Platypus around…

I really like the original of Soft Spoken Trees. Gorgeous. EWAN PEARSON, Soma

Warm trippy summer groovers with nice production. And I love trees!! So this is just up my alley. Or should I say my neck of the woods? Thank you for the music! JOEL MULL, Truesoul

Support – liking Southbound to Marion! Thanks! SACHA ROBOTTI, Robosonic

Great release. Really nice deep funky digital music. REYNOLD, Trenton

Uplifting buckets of win – Panorama Bar “shutter-opening” styles, with Roland M. Dill bringing the tweaky evil. DEEPCHILD, Trapez

Support. Really hot stuff. PHEEK, Archipel

Loving this release, thank you. EDGAR DE RAMON, Mindshake

Soft Spoken Trees original – will play, beautiful track! PAT FONTES, Airdrop

Killer release, so different than anything out there! Really feeling the Softly Spoken Trees original, super spacey and sexxxxxy. Nice work. DANCE SPIRIT, Maison D’Etre

Fantastic lead cut. Full support! ARTHUR OSKAN, Beretta

Really nice release… Southbound will get play from me. J HUNSBERGER, Mutek

Sick music from Platypus. Really like the music in all the tracks; will play Roland’s mix in the club. PHILIP ARRUDA, Rawthentic

Digging all these. Will try out – thanks! JOE SILVA, Balanced

Photograph by Synaptic Imagery · Mastering by Jay Hodgson


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