TLM100: V/A – ERA TWO mixed by Noah Pred

Featured Artists: Noah Pred, Ruoho Ruotsi, Arthur Oskan, Daniel Ray, Co-Op, Ethan Borshansky, Brian Johnson, Tom Clark, Tomas Jirku, Kenneth Scott, Stone Owl, Android Cartel, Billy Dalessandro, Marc Houle, Deepchild, Falko Brocksieper, Derek Marin, Hreno, Platypus, Joachim Spieth, Tim Xavier, Metalogic, Jason Short, Rennie Foster, John Norman, Lock Smith, Dave Aju, Deadbeat, Gingy & Bordello, Danielle Nicole, Santini & Tellez, Roberto, Nigel Richards, Joel Mull, Shane Berry, Exercise One, Simon Beeston & Andi Numan, Murr, Maceo Plex, Alexi Delano, Alland Byallo, Dave Vega, Bryan Zentz, Brendon Moeller, Pheek, Signal Deluxe, Reverse Commuter, Phantom Ambulance, Dactilar, Mihai Popoviciu, Canson, Steven Tang, Auk

Seven years deep, Thoughtless marks our milestone 100th release with the second installation in our ERA mix-CD series. Featuring 49 […]

TLM099: Rennie Foster – Perimeter Abstract

Featured Artists: Rennie Foster, John Norman, Arthur Oskan

Vancouver’s Rennie Foster returns to the Thoughtless fold with his first release for us since 2013’s Legionnaire. Opting for a […]

TLM098: Lock Smith – Settle Down Na

Featured Artists: Lock Smith, Dave Aju, Auk

Known to many as one half of both the Mobilee duo Safeword and minimal misfits Coalition of the Killing, Marc […]

TLM097: Deepchild – Slave Driver

Featured Artists: Deepchild, Mihai Popoviciu, Ana Sia

Australia’s wayward son makes his return to Thoughtless with a pair of amped-up techno workouts in his unmistakable style. Launching […]

TLM096: Simon Beeston & Andi Numan – Freaks Back

Featured Artists: Simon Beeston, Andi Numan, Emerson Todd, Aaron Hedges

New Zealand is by all accounts a unique and mystical place, so it’s no surprise the music emanating from the […]

TLM095: Auk – Absolution

Featured Artists: Auk, Patrick Bateman, Nicolas Duvoisin

It’s a rare talent that comes completely out of nowhere, but when these tracks from Auk dove out of the […]

TLM094: Stone Owl – Sweaty Disco Balls

Featured Artists: Stone Owl, Ataxia, Murr, Keith Kemp

Detroit’s occultist duo return to the Thoughtless dance floor with a trio of fresh jams that focus their hometown sound […]

TLM093 Artwork
TLM093: Noah Pred – Third Culture Remixed

Featured Artists: Noah Pred, Alixander III, Lando, Butane, Tomas Jirku, Bryan Zentz, Patrick Zigon, Nico Stojan, False Image, Steven Tang, Eric Volta

As a follow up to Noah Pred’s hugely successful Third Culture full-length released last year, we saw fit to enlist […]

TLM092: Arthur Oskan – Back In Black

Featured Artists: Arthur Oskan, Deepchild, 777

Arthur Oskan should require little introduction for fans of Thoughtless. Following recent successful releases for My Favorite Robot, we’re very […]

TLM091: Signal Deluxe – Zero Seven

Featured Artists: Signal Deluxe, Reverse Commuter, Simon Beeston, Taal Mala

Mexico’s Signal Deluxe make their long-awaited return to Thoughtless with three deep cuts of signature psychotropic house. A low-slung futuristic […]

TLM090: Danielle Nicole – True Romance

Featured Artists: Danielle Nicole, Roberto, Derek Marin

New York native Danielle Nicole makes her Thoughtless debut with two deep yet dynamic jams that showcase her unique approach […]

TLM089 Artwork
TLM089: Tomas Jirku – Solaris

Featured Artists: Tomas Jirku, Kenneth Scott, The Automatic Message

Canada’s Tomas Jirku rose to prominence in the millennial heyday of minimalism, releasing his first album on the seminal Force […]

TLM088: Murr feat. Rosina – Dive Deeper

Featured Artists: Murr, Rosina, Maceo Plex, Noah Pred, Stone Owl

Launching another year of Thoughtlessness, our latest outing features remixes of the sleeper hit from Murr’s 2013 release, Sacred Ground. […]

TLM087: Deepchild – Dirt Thief

Featured Artists: Deepchild, Safeword, Jens Bond, Tomas Jirku

Closing out a banner year for the label, we couldn’t be happier to release the latest from one of our […]

TLM086 - Small
TLM086: Noah Pred – Third Culture

Featured Artists: Noah Pred, Anne Gallien, Deepchild, Marc Deon, Rosina

It’s been four long years since Noah Pred’s last album, Blind Alignments, was released here on Thoughtless. Traversing countless highs […]

TLM085: Noah Pred – Circles & Circles feat. Rosina

Featured Artists: Noah Pred, Joel Mull, Rosina

The lead single from Noah Pred’s upcoming Third Culture full-length, Circles & Circles is an exuberant yet haunting cosmic house […]

TLM084: Derek Marin – Being Sleazy

Featured Artists: Derek Marin, Alexi Delano

New York native Derek Marin is no stranger to the Thoughtless roster, with three releases and a host of remixes […]

TLM083: Murr – Sacred Ground feat. Rosina

Featured Artists: Murr, Rosina, Deepchild

Toronto’s Murr follows releases on DNH, Mikita Skyy and New Kanada with two fresh tracks for Thoughtless. Making his debut […]

TLM082: Android Cartel – Terminal

Featured Artists: Android Cartel, Billy Dalessandro, Platypus

With stellar remixes of Mild Bang and, more recently, Brian Johnson under their belts – plus notable releases on Adjunct, […]

TLM081: Rennie Foster – Legionnaire

Featured Artists: Rennie Foster, Exercise One, Bryan Zentz, Henry Chow

Long time friend of the label Rennie Foster finally arrives with his first full EP for Thoughtless. His stellar remixes […]

TLM080 Small
TLM080: Brian Johnson – Time Will Tell

Featured Artists: Brian Johnson, Paul Brcic, Android Cartel

Hot on the heels of his stellar remix of Alland Byallo’s Bygones, Brian Johnson returns with his second EP for […]

TLM079: Alland Byallo – Bygones

Featured Artists: Alland Byallo, H-Foundation, David Durango, Brian Johnson

Having remixed KiloWatts and, more recently, Deepchild, Alland Byallo is no stranger to the Thoughtless roster; on his debut solo […]

TLM078: Daniel Ray – Warm Black

Featured Artists: Daniel Ray, Stone Owl, Arthur Oskan

It’s rare that house music can evoke an acute sense of longing without resorting to cliché tropes – yet that’s […]

TLM077: Noah Pred – Loss for Words

Featured Artists: Noah Pred, Tim Xavier, Hrdvsion

After debuting his False Image project with Tom Clark on Get Physical, Pred returns home to Thoughtless for his first […]

TLM076: Canson – Don’t Stop

Featured Artists: Canson, Qzen, Murr

Swiss artist Canson has earned a reputation for direct yet intricate live sets that ride the line between delicate craftsmanship […]

TLM075: Deepchild – I Woke & You Were Smiling

Featured Artists: Deepchild, Falko Brocksieper, Alland Byallo, Frank Martiniq, Weitone

The follow-up single from Deepchild’s riveting 2012 full-length, Neukölln Burning, needs little introduction; along with a remastered version optimized for […]

TLM074: Shane Berry – Akaforme

Featured Artists: Shane Berry, Knowing Looks, Hans Berg, Johanna Knutsson, Max Ulis

Shane Berry first came to our attention with a string of deadly releases for Trapez LTD produced during his time […]

TLM073: Jason Short – Low Down Dirty Shame

Featured Artists: Jason Short, Basic Soul Unit, Blue Soul, Sepehr

Following his remix of Haze on TLM042 and his recent EP for Little Helpers, Auralism boss Jason Short delivers his […]

TLM072: Platypus - Argyle
TLM072: Platypus – Argyle

Featured Artists: Platypus, Stefny, Joachim Spieth

Following his auspicious Thoughtless debut, Soft Spoken Trees, the mysterious Platypus returns with three fresh productions that emphasize his knack […]

TLM071: Arthur Oskan – Exit Strategy

Featured Artists: Arthur Oskan, Marc Houle, Shane Berry, Daniel Ray

Toronto hometown hero Arthur Oskan makes a triumphant return to Thoughtless with his first release for us since his Juno-nominated full-length, A Little More Than […]

TLM070: Stone Owl – Planet X

Featured Artists: Stone Owl, PhonoKemi, Ethan Borshansky

Detroit’s latest underground export, Stone Owl embodies the machinations of their hometown with a modern, bass-heavy twist. The duo of Jacob Greba […]

TLM069: Deepchild - Neukölln Burning
TLM069: Deepchild – Neukölln Burning

Featured Artists: Deepchild

A visionary blend of Berlin techno, UK Bass and mutant soul, Deepchild’s first full-length since 2008’s Departure on Future Classic […]

TLM068: Deepchild – Riyadh

Featured Artists: Deepchild, Deadbeat, Rennie Foster, Derek Marin

The lead single from Deepchild’s upcoming album is here. Making no excuses or apologies, a low down acidic stomp propels […]

TLM067: Platypus – Soft Spoken Trees

Featured Artists: Platypus, Roland M. Dill

Making his Thoughtless debut with a remix of Brian Johnson’s All of the Time, enigmatic Ontario producer Platypus delivers his […]

TLM066: Derek Marin – We’ve Been Expecting You

Featured Artists: Derek Marin, Hreno, Talal, Zoi

New York producer Derek Marin has been extremely busy of late, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome him back […]

TLM065: Brian Johnson – All of the Time

Featured Artists: Brian Johnson, Tom Clark, Oban, Platypus

Directly on the heels of his Ethan Borshansky remix and recent releases for Faded and Soundzrise, Toronto native Brian Johnson […]

TLM064: Co-Op - North of Bloor
TLM064: Co-Op – North of Bloor

Featured Artists: Co-Op, Todd Bodine, Santini & Tellez

It’s been over a year since Co-Op’s last release for Thoughtless – 2010’s acclaimed Peace By Piece – so it’s […]

TLM063: Noah Pred – Monotasking

Featured Artists: Noah Pred, Brendon Moeller

Following recent releases on Cynosure and Highgrade, Thoughtless chief Noah Pred delivers the first dedicated release for his own label […]

TLM062: Ethan Borshansky – Hold Tight

Featured Artists: Ethan Borshansky, Miro Pajic, Brian Johnson

Our latest addition to the Thoughtless roster comes from the greater metropolitan area of New York City. Boasting years of […]

TLM061: Daniel Ray - Night Watchman
TLM061: Daniel Ray – Night Watchman

Featured Artists: Daniel Ray, Pheek, Derek Marin, Zaid Edghaim

Hailing from Bahrain by way of South Africa, our newest recruit displays a prodigious talent for evocative melodic interplay throughout […]

TLM060: Stare5 a.k.a. Bryan Zentz – The Sprawl

Featured Artists: Stare5, Bryan Zentz, Noah Pred

Known for his distinctive productions over the years as Barada, Cyan and under his own name on seminal techno labels […]

TLM059: Santini & Tellez - Lost Thoughts
TLM059: Santini & Tellez – Lost Thoughts

Featured Artists: Santini & Tellez, Fairmont, Alicia Hush

Thoughtless is pleased to present the debut release from Toronto upstarts Santini & Tellez. Their title track, ‘Lost Thoughts,’ pulls […]

TLM058: Nigel Richards – Bangagong

Featured Artists: Nigel Richards, Someone Else, Co-Op

Don’t call it a comeback: Philadelphia techno legend and 611 Records founder Nigel Richards drops three tracks of abstract late […]

TLM057 Artwork
TLM057: Deepchild – The Suffering Remixed

Featured Artists: Deepchild, [a]pendics.shuffle, Tim Xavier, Noah Pred, Arthur Oskan, XI, Sean Roman, Gingy & Bordello, Phantom Ambulance

Building on the success of Deepchild’s smash, ‘The Suffering Ones’, we’ve collected remixes of the tune from some of our […]

TLM056: Metalogic feat. Dietrich Schoenemann – Hollow Strangers

Featured Artists: Metalogic, Dietrich Schoenemann, Bryan Zentz

Following their remix of Ludwig Coenen for TLM022 and a string of celebrated releases for Nachtstrom Schallplatten and Perc Trax, Toronto’s […]

TLM055: Deepchild - The Suffering Ones
TLM055: Deepchild – The Suffering Ones

Featured Artists: Deepchild, Tim Xavier

Preceded by releases on Trapez, Resopal, Affin and Future Classic, Deepchild needs little introduction as one of the most creative […]

TLM054: Phantom Ambulance – Medicine

Featured Artists: Phantom Ambulance, Dactilar, Beton Brut

Thoughtless is proud to present the debut release from Toronto’s freshest young duo: Phantom Ambulance. Combining elements of deep house, […]

TLM053: Ruoho Ruotsi - Pour Autant
TLM053: Ruoho Ruotsi – Pour Autant

Featured Artists: Ruoho Ruotsi, R. Audiard

S.F. artist and Def’child label boss Ruoho Ruotsi finally returns to Thoughtless following his remix of Rift for TLM020 with […]

TLM052: Arthur Oskan – A Little More Than Everything (CD)

Featured Artists: Arthur Oskan

One of Toronto’s most beloved underground producers and live acts, Arthur Oskan’s deep and lush yet essential techno sound is […]

TLM051: Dave Vega – Altars of Magic

Featured Artists: Dave Vega, Basic Soul Unit

Berlin’s Dave Vega follows up his recent hit for Exone with a debut EP on Thoughtless. ‘Altars of Magic’ is […]

Thoughtless ERA ONE - V/A mixed by Noah Pred
TLM050: V/A – ERA ONE mixed by Noah Pred (CD)

Featured Artists: Noah Pred, Roberto Bardini, Meesha, Animaltek, Eric Downer, KiloWatts, Alland Byallo, Rift, Signal Deluxe, Jay Tripwire, Marc Cotterell, Mild Bang, Talal & Zoi, Kindimmer, Ludwig Coenen, Billy Dalessandro, Jamie Kidd, Jonny White, Rodux, Evan Marc, Kate Simko, Haze, Co-Op, Noah Pred, DJ Maus, Rift, Arthur Oskan, Repair, Falko Brocksieper, Arthur Oskan, Tonepushers, Pete Grove, Rennie Foster, Limaçon, Caspian Rabone, Adam Jay, Angel Alanis, Philip Arruda, Crazy Ghost, Jeff Bennett, Zero To Zero, Derek Marin, Sonotheque

ERA ONE is the first of our Thoughtless Era mix series, with a new edition of selected label works due […]

TLM049: Arthur Oskan - Fat Mobile
TLM049: Arthur Oskan – Fat Mobile

Featured Artists: Arthur Oskan, Funk D'Void, Noah Pred

One of Toronto’s most respected underground producers and live acts, Arthur Oskan unleashes the debut single from his upcoming Thoughtless […]

TLM048: Mild Bang - Deeper
TLM048: Mild Bang – Deeper

Featured Artists: Mild Bang, Android Cartel

Hailing from Mexico’s Distrito Federal, Mild Bang has been making waves worldwide with his releases on Blaq, InfraDig and Love […]

TLM047: Tonepushers - Praxic
TLM047: Tonepushers – Praxic

Featured Artists: Tonepushers, Lukas Greenberg

Winnipeg’s Joe Silva and Ali Khan, a.k.a. Tonepushers, follow up releases on Fade and Fifth Sun with three explorations of […]

TLM046: Kindimmer - Bounty
TLM046: Kindimmer – Bounty

Featured Artists: Kindimmer, Antwon Faulkner

Following recent releases on Resopal, InfraDig and Strom, emerging Greek artist Kindimmer makes his Thoughtless debut with a selection of […]

TLM045: Jeff Bennett - Quantum Perspective
TLM045: Jeff Bennett – Quantum Perspective

Featured Artists: Jeff Bennett, James Patrick, Zaid Edghaim

Thoughtless Music is proud to welcome one of Sweden’s top tech-house exports to its roster with Jeff Bennett’s two latest […]

TLM044: Signal Deluxe - Pleasure Capsule
TLM044: Signal Deluxe – Pleasure Capsule

Featured Artists: Signal Deluxe, Jay Tripwire, Stephen Beaupré, Jason Myles

Taking time out from their busy production schedule for Panta Muzik and their own Blaq imprint, Mexico City’s Signal Deluxe […]

TLM043: Co-Op - Peace by Piece
TLM043: Co-Op – Peace by Piece

Featured Artists: Co-Op, Derek Ruiz, Pezzner

From Toronto’s deepest electronic underground emerges a fresh approach to sonic exploration: Co-Op. Formed by Oreste Camarra and Karim Sultan […]

TLM042: Haze - In Between
TLM042: Haze – In Between

Featured Artists: Haze, Billy Dalessandro, Jason Short, Zaid Edghaim

Following his Thoughtless debut on TLM041, Mexico City’s Haze steps forward on three deep tracks. With releases under his belt […]

TLM041: Thoughtless Times v.5
TLM041: V/A – Thoughtless Times v.5

Featured Artists: E-Teb, Haze, Overcast Sound, Signal Deluxe, Billy Dalessandro, Noah Pred, Limaçon, Weit, Sean Roman, PointBender, Derek Marin, Mike Bryant, Tanto

The fifth instalment in our various artists compilation series features twelve tracks from a selection of some of our favorite […]

TLM040: Adam Jay & Angel Alanis - Drift Away
TLM040: Adam Jay & Angel Alanis – Drift Away

Featured Artists: Adam Jay, Angel Alanis, Philip Arruda, Rodux

Thoughtless is honored to welcome the collaborative talents of midwest techno heavyweights Adam Jay and Angel Alanis.  Joining forces with […]

TLM039: Derek Marin - While She Sleeps
TLM039: Derek Marin – While She Sleeps

Featured Artists: Derek Marin, Pete Grove, Modest D

It’s taken 39 releases to come full circle, but after debuting on Thoughtless with our inaugural EP, Brooklyn’s Derek Marin […]

TLM038: Zero to Zero - Swamp Tigress
TLM038: Zero to Zero – Swamp Tigress

Featured Artists: Zero to Zero, Kero

Just in time for the epic open airs, Eric Downer and Noah Pred join forces once again with their Zero […]

TLM037: Talal & Zoi - Empty Roads
TLM037: Talal & Zoi – Empty Roads

Featured Artists: Talal & Zoi, Marc Cotterell

Talal & Zoi are two young cousins emerging from the maelstrom of Toronto’s white-hot underground, quickly establishing themselves as a […]

TLM036: KiloWatts - Time Keeper
TLM036: KiloWatts – Time Keeper

Featured Artists: KiloWatts, Limaçon

Philadelphia native James Watts, a.k.a. KiloWatts, returns to Thoughtless with three signature tracks combining innovative sound design with captivating arrangements. […]

TLM035: Arthur Oskan - Eggshells
TLM035: Arthur Oskan – Eggshells

Featured Artists: Arthur Oskan, Lucas Rodenbush, Jamie Kidd, XI

After numerous remixes and compilation appearances for Thoughtless – both under his own name and his Myers Briggs guise – […]

TLM034: Meesha - Daat
TLM034: Meesha – Daat

Featured Artists: Meesha, Talal & Zoi, Bombaman, Animaltek

Toronto producer Meesha delivers his first EP on Thoughtless with ‘Daat’. Building on the sound he debuted for Thoughtless Times […]

TLM033: Pete Grove – Still No Relief

Featured Artists: Pete Grove, Pan/Tone, Rennie Foster, Noah Pred, Arthur Oskan, Nitin, Daega Sound System, Breakwater

Following up the vocal tech-house decimation of Pete Grove’s No Relief on TLM029, Thoughtless presents an array of remixes from […]

TLM032: Rodux - Iron Fan
TLM032: Rodux – Iron Fan

Featured Artists: Rodux, Joe Silva, Edgar de Ramon, Chris Fortier

Thoughtless presents the debut EP from secretive Canadian artist Rodux. After figuring prominently on Thoughtless Times v.3, ‘Iron Fan’ combines […]

TLM031: Limaçon - Tarry Not
TLM031: Limaçon – Tarry Not

Featured Artists: Limaçon

“Tarry Not” is the debut album from Northern California’s Christopher Lee, better known as Limaçon. The emerging producer has had […]

TLM030: Limaçon - Labels
TLM030: Limaçon – Labels

Featured Artists: Limaçon

Limaçon drops a hint of things to come with this lead-off single from his upcoming debut full-length. In signature fashion, […]

TLM029: Pete Grove - No Relief
TLM029: Pete Grove – No Relief

Featured Artists: Pete Grove, Rennie Foster

Vancouver’s Pete Grove has been in the techno game for quite some time, performing as Sunkissed and releasing on his […]

TLM028: Jamie Kidd - Lascivious Prey
TLM028: Jamie Kidd – Lascivious Prey

Featured Artists: Jamie Kidd, Eric Downer, Jonny White, Deepak Sharma & Dieter Krause, Meesha

Over the past few years, Jamie Kidd has emerged as Toronto’s go-to techno DJ. When he’s not performing live as […]

TLM027: V/A - Thoughtless Times v.4
TLM027: V/A – Thoughtless Times v.4

Featured Artists: Meesha, Jamie Kidd, Tanto, Signal Deluxe, Ludwig Coenen, Intensitive, Tripmastaz, Limaçon, Dan Freeman, Pete Grove, Redxdown, Evren Ulusoy

Exposing new talent from around the globe while spanning dubstep to deep house, minimal and techno, Thoughtless Times is back […]

TLM026: Signal Deluxe - Lady Dragon
TLM026: Signal Deluxe – Lady Dragon

Featured Artists: Signal Deluxe, Marc Cotterell

Mexico City’s premium purveyors of forward-minded electronics provide the latest dance floor fuel for Thoughtless. The title track sees Signal […]

TLM025: Rift - Indigo
TLM025: Rift – Indigo

Featured Artists: Rift, Knowing Looks, T.O.W.M.F.

Following his sublime ‘Bottom Breathing’ EP and releases for his own Vellum imprint, Florida’s Rift presents yet another collection of […]

TLM024: Sonotheque - Smell Good
TLM024: Sonotheque – Smell Good

Featured Artists: Sonotheque, Arthur Oskan, Karri O, Noah Pred

Not a moment too soon, Thoughtless is pleased to present our perfect track for the summer from Italy’s Sonotheque. Following […]

TLM023: Noah Pred - Blind Alignments
TLM023: Noah Pred – Blind Alignments

Featured Artists: Noah Pred

The result of a full winter in the studio, Noah Pred presents his latest work in this ten track outing […]

TLM022: Ludwig Coenen - Green Movement
TLM022: Ludwig Coenen – Green Movement

Featured Artists: Ludwig Coenen, Metalogic, XI

Frankfurt collides with Toronto as Thoughtless welcomes three new artists to the fold. Hailing from Germany, Ludwig Coenen’s EPs for […]

TLM021: Zero to Zero - Hungertruck
TLM021: Zero to Zero – Hungertruck

Featured Artists: Zero to Zero, Pablo Bolivar

Following their ostentatious debut on Thoughtless Times v.3, Eric Downer and Noah Pred’s 0:0 drop a tightly wound techno workout. […]

TLM020: Rift - Bottom Breathing
TLM020: Rift – Bottom Breathing

Featured Artists: Rift, Limaçon, Tomas Jirku, Ruoho Ruotsi

After making a splash with his contribution to Thoughtless Times v.3, Florida’s Patrick Campbell dives deeper still to present two […]

TLM019: Limaçon - Rubber Bump
TLM019: Limaçon – Rubber Bump

Featured Artists: Limaçon, Mike Shannon

Infused with effortless funk, C.T. Lee’s latest is yet another display of technical prowess from the far left coast. ‘Bass […]

TLM018: KiloWatts - Love On Saturn
TLM018: KiloWatts – Love On Saturn

Featured Artists: KiloWatts

Philadelphia’s James Watts is back in action: following his releases as one half of Mothership’s Voodeux, he continues to develop […]

TLM017: V/A - Thoughtless Times v.3
TLM017: V/A – Thoughtless Times v.3

Featured Artists: Limaçon, Ben Goodwin, Marc Cotterell, 0:0, Jamie Kidd, Redxdown, Rodux, Pete Grove, Eric Downer, DJ Maus, Lazy Evaluation, Karri O, Noah Pred, Caspian Rabone, Rift, naw, Evan Marc

With our seventeenth release, Thoughtless Music is proud to present seventeen diverse dance floor compositions from newcomers and alumni alike: […]

TLM016: Eric Downer - Pursuit & Recovery
TLM016: Eric Downer – Pursuit & Recovery

Featured Artists: Eric Downer, J Hunsberger

Following his collaboration with Jeff Milligan on Revolver, we figured it was finally time to unleash Eric Downer’s long-awaited debut […]

TLM015: Evan Marc feat. Steve Hillage - Dreamtime Resubmerged
TLM015: Evan Marc feat. Steve Hillage – Dreamtime Resubmerged

Featured Artists: Evan Marc, Steve Hillage, Selffish, Kate Simko, Noah Pred, Eric Downer, Stewart Walker, P.Laoss, Phidelity, bvdub, Jesse Somfay

Earlier this year, Evan Marc turned heads onto Thoughtless with his dub techno opus, ‘Dreamtime Submersibles’, featuring the sublime guitar […]

TLM014: Limaçon - The Ride
TLM014: Limaçon – The Ride

Featured Artists: Limaçon, KiloWatts, James Teej

Following an impressive string of outings on Poker Flat, Resopal and Auralism, California’s Limaçon provides Thoughtless with three lucid tech-house […]

TLM013: DJ Maus - Let Go
TLM013: DJ Maus – Let Go

Featured Artists: DJ Maus, Noah Pred, Evan Marc

Thoughtless Music is proud to present the debut EP from Louise Gauvreau, a.k.a. Maus. One of Montreal’s most consistently in-demand […]

TLM012: Noah Pred - Why Do
TLM012: Noah Pred – Why Do

Featured Artists: Noah Pred

Summer is here and Thoughtless is prepared for the heat with a fresh EP from Noah Pred. Asking the perennial […]

TLM011: Evan Marc feat. Steve Hillage - Dreamtime Submersibles
TLM011: Evan Marc feat. Steve Hillage – Dreamtime Submersibles

Featured Artists: Evan Marc, Steve Hillage

Diving deep with hypnotic rhythms, sub-aquatic bass pulsations and reverberant melodies, Evan Marc explores varying states of non-waking life on […]

TLM010: Noah Pred - Stay True
TLM010: Noah Pred – Stay True

Featured Artists: Noah Pred

  Just in time for spring, Noah Pred presents two warm and breezy tracks to melt the memories of winter […]

TLM009: V/A - Thoughtless Times v.2
TLM009: V/A – Thoughtless Times v.2

Featured Artists: KiloWatts, Animaltek, Evan Marc, Jamie Kidd, Noah Pred, Caspian Rabone, Pocket Pet, Eric Downer, Karri O, Phowa, Roberto Bardini

  Pushing forward with our Thoughtless Times compilation series, Thoughtless Music is proud to present a distinct yet varied selection […]

TLM008: KiloWatts - Snakewinds
TLM008: KiloWatts – Snakewinds

Featured Artists: KiloWatts, Noah Pred, Mossa, Alland Byallo

Building on the stunning production skills displayed with his ‘Fur Flotation’ track for Thoughtless Times v.1, James Watts provides two […]

TLM007: Evan Marc - Retrospective
TLM007: Evan Marc – Retrospective

Featured Artists: Evan Marc, Taho

Following his much-loved ‘Never Let Me Go’ EP, Evan Marc returns to Thoughtless with three potent explorations of his unique […]

TLM006: Noah Pred - Lost In Pockets
TLM006: Noah Pred – Lost In Pockets

Featured Artists: Noah Pred, Jeremy P Caulfield

A mainstay of the Canadian underground, Noah Pred drops his second EP for Thoughtless Music with three tracks ranging from […]

TLM005: Repair - Still Standing Severely Damaged
TLM005: Repair – Still Standing Severely Damaged

Featured Artists: Repair, Falko Brocksieper, Noah Pred, Rene Breitbarth

Producing electronic music for over ten years, Toronto’s Thibideau brothers follow up their releases for Sub Static and Dumb-Unit with […]

TLM004: V/A - Thoughtless Times v.1
TLM004: V/A – Thoughtless Times v.1

Featured Artists: Signal Deluxe, KiloWatts, Repair, Karri O, Noah Pred, Evan Marc, Eric Downer, Jamie Kidd, Crazy Ghost, Pat Fontes, Myers Briggs

  Representing a diverse array of sounds and styles from both established and upcoming producers, Thoughtless Music presents the first […]

TLM003: Evan Marc - Never Let Me Go
TLM003: Evan Marc – Never Let Me Go

Featured Artists: Evan Marc, [a]pendics.shuffle

After releases for Sentient Sound and Psybooty, prolific producer Evan Marc delivers his Thoughtless debut.  Juxtaposing raw grooves with delicate […]

TLM002: Noah Pred - The Tender Trap
TLM002: Noah Pred – The Tender Trap

Featured Artists: Noah Pred, Karri O

Following his acclaimed ‘Ecocosm’ full-length on New Kanada, Noah Pred delivers a full bodied EP for Thoughtless Music.  Ranging from […]

TLM001: Derek Marin - Cut the Line
TLM001: Derek Marin – Cut the Line

Featured Artists: Derek Marin, Jeff Milligan, Roberto Bardini, Krampack, Eric Downer, KiloWatts, Mateo Murphy, Noah Pred, Jamie Kidd, Taho, Evan Marc, Myers Briggs

With ‘Cut the Line’ by New York’s Derek Marin, new house and techno label Thoughtless Music is born from the […]


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