ERA TWO reviewed by Exclaim!

Helmed by label boss Noah Pred, the ERA series has established itself as a showcase of both Thoughtless Music’s increasingly deep catalogue and Pred’s skills as a curator and DJ. ERA ONE was originally released in 2011 and covered the label’s first 50 releases, while the second instalment pulls from the last three years and marks the now Berlin-based label’s 100th release… READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE!

Deep House Amsterdam chats with Noah Pred

After performing live for over a decade in the underground hotspots of Toronto, Canada, Noah Pred, also the founder of Thoughtless Music, can now view himself as a sought-after DJ in Europe too, after making the leap to Europe some years ago. Throwing the much-loved Thoughtless label parties was a natural evolution of numerous DJ residencies held by Pred in Vancouver, Montreal and in Toronto with the legendary Fukhouse crew. The past few years have seen Noah perform extensively throughout North America as well as Europe, delivering highly improvised sets that always strive to meet the moment head-on. Since Thoughtless Music has recently dropped its 100th release, we thought it a good time to fire some questions at him and see how he’s doing… READ THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE!

DJ Mag sits down with Noah Pred

Noah Pred has given fellow Canadian artists a lot to aspire towards. His achievements in electronic music have seen him enjoy considerable success across the country, resulting in a Juno Award nomination for “Best Electronic Album of the Year” in 2014. As he celebrates the milestone of 100 releases on his very own Thoughtless imprint, DJ Mag Canada is excited to give you an exclusive preview of Noah Pred’s recent compilation mix Era Two, which you may enjoy for a limited time. Pred caught up with us to discuss his artistic journey towards becoming an established and respected name among house and techno producers… READ THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE!

Data Transmission features Noah Pred’s new video

Thoughtless Music marks its 100th release this September, with the second edition of the ERA mix series. Compiled by head honcho Noah Pred, the album will feature one track from each of the label’s previous 49 releases, plus ‘We Bug’ – a brand new effort from Noah himself… READ THE FULL STORY HERE!

Simon Beeston & Andi Numan’s Freaks Back reviewed by Magnetic

Another big week in house music with another ten house tunes for you to immerse yourself in as you ponder what you will do with your summer… READ THE FULL PIECE HERE!

Auk featured on DJ Broadcast

On the road to their hundredth release, Thoughtless Music has introduced the world to some acclaimed electronic artists. Currently the label is holding tough on release 94. This June will mark their 95th with the debut record from electronic duo Auk. Absolution is an initiation of sleek, high concept techno that differs stylistically between the four tracks. The title track also receives the remix nod by Denmark’s Patrick Bateman and Nicolas Duvoisin… READ THE FULL FEATURE HERE!

Auk’s Tomorrow Morning featured on XLR8R

Canadian duo Auk has shared a new cut from its upcoming debut EP for the Thoughtless label. “Tomorrow Morning” is tipped as a Minilogue-style track, inspired by shuffling UK garage and German minimal… READ THE FULL FEATURE AND GET THE DOWNLOAD HERE!

Auk’s Absolution EP reviewed by Dancing Astronaut

Canadian duo Auk have made their debut on Noah Pred’s Thoughtless Music imprint in memorable fashion. The Berlin transplants take flight with four originals and two remixes on a finely crafted EP that makes their studio strengths and love for analog gear quite clear… READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE!

Auk’s Absolution EP reviewed by Robotic Peacock

Got a hankering for intelligent, minimalistic sounds? This 6-track release from newcomers Auk is just the solution. Its melodies will stick in your head for days and its rhythms are inescapable… READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE!

Stone Owl’s Sweaty Disco Balls reviewed by Data Transmission

Stone Owl are Detroit duo Jake Greba and Eric Novak, renowned for their sumptuous missions on labels including Trapez, MBF, Affin and Thoughtless Music. Their sound goes beyond minimal cliches to land in the unique-to-Detroit world of infinite space and haunted eeriness, like they’re creating sound paintings of their beleaguered home city’s unearthly ruins… READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE!

Noah Pred feature and mix on Thump

We caught up with Canadian, Berlin-based techno DJ Noah Pred while on a tour stop in his hometown of Victoria, BC. His recently released full length Third Culture, was nominated for a Juno and features soulful vocals from singers like Rosina Kazi from Lal, and Anna Gallien (who’s known for writing the lyrics for Aphex Twin’s “Windowlicker”!). While touring the world playing his music, he also manages the successful techno and house label, Thoughtless Music. Read on for some top advice from a pro… READ THE FULL FEATURE AND GRAB THE MIX HERE!

Third Culture Remixed reviewed by The Lost And Found

Canadian artist Noah Pred has just released ‘Third Culture ( Remixed )’ as a follow up to his hugely successful ‘Third Culture’ LP released in 2013. The album is available on, Toronto based, Thoughtless Music. Nearing it’s 100th release, the imprint also has an outpost in Berlin and is owned and run by Noah. It’s focused on techno and house grooves with emotive potency, technical acumen and plenty of dance floor appeal. An ethos which sums up the work on ‘Third Culture ( Remixed )’ perfectly… READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE!

Noah Pred’s Third Culture nominated for Juno Award

TLM086 - SmallNoah Pred’s Third Culture full-length has been nominated for a 2014 Juno Award in the Best Electronic Album of the Year category, alongside Graze, Ryan Hemsworth, A Tribe Called Red, and Blue Hawaii. The Juno Awards will take place 30 March, 2014 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. You can see all the nominees here – and preview and purchase Third Culture right here…

RA reviews Third Culture

TLM086 - SmallFor more than five years, Noah Pred’s Thoughtless Music has been an overlooked outlet for glossy tech house. His own music has a similar aesthetic: textured and with just the right amount of soul. Third Culture, Pred’s third album, is deep house with an arrestingly intimate quality to it… READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE!

Exclaim interviews Noah Pred

Noah Pred @ John Muir 1Absorbing his new surroundings while finding inspiration with his label’s roster, Third Culture is a rare electronic album that strives to look inward. As Pred became more immersed with Berlin’s electric club scene, Third Culture remains an emotional and tempered piece of art; a heavy-hearted wallflower situated within the world’s coolest party. Talking from his flat in Berlin, Noah Pred talks to Exclaim! about his new life, the importance of being confident and the meaning behind the title of his latest album… READ THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE!

DJ Mag spotlights Noah Pred

Noah Pred Video StillNoah Pred kidnaps you from your dreams to a bulbous, rubbery landscape of tech-house beats meticulously melted together to prevent escape… READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE!

Exclaim features Noah Pred

Noah Pred @ John Muir 1Earlier this month, Noah Pred released his latest LP, the Exclaim!-approved Third Culture. After a four-year break, which saw the U.S.-born/Canadian-raised electronic producer build his own label (the burgeoning Thoughtless Music) and mourn the death of his father, Pred moved to Berlin where he would record his third full-length… READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE!

Exclaim reviews Third Culture

TLM086 - SmallLP number three from Noah Pred is one of the least “Berlin”-sounding albums to come out of that city’s burgeoning electronic music scene… READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE!

XLR8R reviews Third Culture

TLM086 - SmallHaving moved in his youth from the Bay Area to the isolated remoteness of Canada’s West Coast and later spending time in Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto before relocating to Berlin in 2011, Thoughtless Music boss Noah Pred is no stranger to packing up and forging a new path in an unfamiliar place. It’s no secret that many of Canada’s brightest electronic talents tend to head to Europe when their career reaches a tipping point, and Pred is no different… READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE! 

Ibiza Voice interviews Noah Pred

Noah Pred @ John Muir 1Raised in Canada and the US, and now Berlin based, Noah Pred has been running his Thoughtless Music label since 2007, a stable known for its high-quality approach to independent club music. With a signature deep, melodic sound that oft ventures to the dubbier side of house and techno, the label’s commitment to quality stretches from its roster of artists, right across to the gorgeous artwork that adorns much of the label’s artwork and marketing… READ THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE!


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